Pedestrian Accidents & Injuries

A major rash of pedestrian injury and death incidents has plagued the Islands for several years (Automobile, Motorcycle and Pedestrian Deaths On Oahu Continue to Rise). Crosswalk injury and death cases are alarming because a person in a crosswalk is usually clearly visible and should be seen by the driver. At the same time a pedestrian in a crosswalk can also easily see a large vehicle coming. So why do these tragic personal injury matters happen? No one is quite sure.

The law requires cars to stop if a pedestrian steps off the curb into a crosswalk. On large streets a driver may see other cars ahead slowing and stopping. Even though the lane that this driver is in is clear, the law requires the driver to stop. Why? Because it is common sense to suspect that the cars ahead are stopping for a pedestrian crossing in front of them.

Then there is the dart-out accident. A person, often a child, darts out from between parked cars and appears suddenly in front of on-coming traffic. The driver often has no time to slow or stop. Parents must watch their kids.

If a pedestrian is crossing in the middle of the block – not at a designated crosswalk – they are jaywalking and that is a violation of the law. That person can be cited by the police for a violation of the jaywalking law.