Cases We Handle

The Wayne Parsons Law Offices is dedicated exclusively to assisting people who have suffered personal injury or substantial business or property loss. Our clients include families whose loved ones have died as a result of the negligence or wrongful actions of another person. The firm handles a wide variety of cases and most of our clients fall into the following areas:

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Motor Vehicle Collisions

Motor vehicle crashes cause a very large number of injuries in Hawai‘i. The cases often involve engineering issues that Wayne Parsons can better understand with his engineering experience. For Hawai‘i teens, motor vehicle collisions pose their greatest risk of injury or death. Defective vehicles, roadways and signage, reconstruction of the collision, finding the cause of distracted driving are often involved in putting the case together. In addition Wayne Parsons regularly goes to schools to educate teens about distracted driving, an effort that will prevent injuries and deaths on Island roads.

Distracted Drivers

Drinking and speed are involved in many of the most serious motor vehicle and pedestrian injury cases. Often these cases involve a bar serving alcohol to the drunk driver when they should refuse service. Doing so violates Hawai‘i liquor laws. Distracted driving from cellphone use, programing a GPS or adjusting music devices, has become a major cause of highway crashes. These cases require quick action to obtain evidence such as cellphone data, videotapes from a bar and to notify the Liquor Commission of the facts so they can investigate before the evidence is lost or destroyed. Efforts to educate the public and reduce the number of injuries and death is also a major focus of Wayne Parsons in his community work as a trial lawyer.

Motorcycle Wrecks

Hawai‘i is a wonderful place to ride motorcycles but island roads are crowded with traffic and motorists often fail to notice the smaller motorcycle. Motorcycle crashes almost always result in serious injury or death and there are important cases. Hawai‘i has one of the highest incidence of motorcycle and moped injuries and death among the states. Representing an injured motorcycle operator requires a strong investigation because many people are prejudiced against operators of motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles. Overcoming bias against this group of people is the job of the trial lawyer handling the case and Wayne Parsons uses the most modern techniques to identify and neutralize the bias that unfairly discriminates against these clients.

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Avoidable Medical Errors

Medical Malpractice is the general name given to cases where an avoidable injury to a patient occurs because a doctor, nurse, hospital, or other care provider makes a mistake that falls below the generally accepted standard of care.  National public health studies estimate that 450,000 people die each year in the United States due to these avoidable medical errors. Doctors and their insurance companies use their substantial resources to avoid accountability. The cases are fought out at trial on the basis of expert witnesses on both sides, since the case turns on what the standard of care was and whether the injury or death was avoidable. Delayed diagnosis of cancer or other life-threatening conditions, failure to perform tests or errors in prescribing the proper medication in the proper dose and at the proper time and wrong diagnosis are common scenarios where a patient dies or is tragically injured from an avoidable error. Injuries also come from nursing home abuse or neglect, birth injuries,  and incorrectly prescribed or monitored medications.

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Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis

Misdiagnosis is a type of medical malpractice, and it is so serious that we put it into a separate category. Many of the most serious injuries from medical negligence involve the misdiagnosis of cancer, internal bleeding in head injuries and all sorts of other injuries and diseases that the doctor or hospital miss. Not only does this occur from a misdiagnosis but it also includes delay in diagnosis. For instance, cancer is always a race against time and delay in diagnosis can mean the difference between life and death. The office has considerable experience with the medical aspects of cancer and other common areas of avoidable medical errors in diagnosing injury or illness

Medication Errors

Medication errors are also a subcategory of medical malpractice but these errors are so serious that we also put them in a special category. Medical studies show that 45,000 Americans die each year because of medication errors. One out of six medications given to patients in hospitals is wrong either in the type of drug or the dosage.

Admiralty and Maritime Injury

Passengers and crews on the many boats and ships traversing Hawai‘i’s waters result in many ocean injuries which we classify as maritime injuries.  At The Wayne Parsons Law Office, we well versed in all of various Federal, State and International laws that apply to injury at sea. Laws such as the Jones Act provide remedies crew members and general maritime and admiralty law protects crew, passengers and tourists.  Admiralty and maritime accidents are common while tourists are engaged in recreational activities such as swimming, diving, parasailing, and fishing in Island waters. The waters surrounding the Islands are very rough and many injuries occur when boats carrying tourists are improperly handled and encounter collisions with large waves.

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Construction/Workplace Injuries

Construction sites often contain scaffolding, heavy equipment and machinery, giving rise to hazardous conditions where serious injuries often occur.  Injuries from scaffold collapse, fires, explosions, falls, electrical shock, and exposure to toxic substances are common.  While workers’ compensation covers many of the expenses for a construction site injury, recovery is often available from other sources.  For example, if a defective tool or other product contributed to the injury, or if another company put up the scaffolding that collapsed, a claim can be made against that company for all of the losses suffered by the injured worker. Wayne Parsons experience as an engineer and with construction is an advantage in construction site injury cases.

Defective Products

Products in the marketplace must be reasonably safe for consumers to use; when a product causes harm by failing to live up to this standard, it can give rise to a personal injury lawsuit. Products can be defective in one of three ways: if something happened during the manufacturing process; if the product’s fundamental design is dangerous or flawed; or if the warnings and instructions contained in or on the product’s packaging are inadequate or incomplete. We handle all types of products liability cases, including cases involving automobiles, aircraft, boats, scuba gear, consumer products, electrical and electronic devices, medications and drugs, medical implants, and other medical devices.

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Motor Vehicle Defects

Many cars and trucks are discovered to have defects that can cause serious injuries and the Firm uses its engineering expertise and experience to investigate and prepare these cases. Many fires occur after a minor collision due to defects in the design of the fuel system. Front seats often fail and roll back into back seat passengers. When a child is in the rear seat in a car seat they can be killed or seriously injured by the front seat. Airbags fail to deploy sometimes due to defects and tire failure can also lead to a rollover and serious injury or death. These cases require engineering knowledge and the ability to communicate on technical subjects with a judge or a jury. Wayne Parsons was a scientist and engineer before becoming an attorney and the Firm is well equipped to handle product liability cases of all types.

Serious Injuries and Wrongful Death

Serious injuries and wrongful deaths can occur from a blow to the head and brain causing traumatic brain injury; neck or back trauma that injures the spinal cord and results in paralysis; burns that cause severe pain and permanent disfigurement; broken bones, vertebrae or amputations; and death. Cases involving serious injuries are often complex, requiring consultation with specialized medical experts to determine the full extent of the injuries and the best treatment. Wayne Parsons is committed to assisting clients in finding the best doctors to treat the injuries and return the injured person to the best possible health under the circumstances. Our goal is not just to obtain compensation for our clients although we work hard to get you the fair compensation that you deserve under the law. We have extensive experience handling these types of cases and are fully committed to helping our clients deal with all aspects of their situation.

Construction Defect Claims By Homeowners and AOAO’s

Many new buildings have serious design and construction defects that the developers, design professionals, contractors and material suppliers will not voluntarily correct after occupancy. Wayne Parsons’ background as an engineer has made beneficial to homeowners to hire him to handle their disputes with the companies that designed and built the structure. Claims of this type are called property damage claims and are complex, both from a legal and engineering point of view. We will put our record of solving these important disputes to the satisfaction of the homeowner or AOAO against any law firm in the State of Hawai‘i.

Seek Experienced Legal Counsel

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident due to the negligence or wrongful actions of another party, it is important to hire an experienced lawyer who can preserve evidence and immediately begin an investigation into your claim.  To schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case, contact the Wayne Parsons Law Office today.